Tuesday, 22 January 2013

cocktail favourites : the old fashioned

an old boyfriend of mine got me hooked on whiskey - well maybe not hooked, but i am a pretty big fan. since giving up diet sodas (and full fat sodas) i have had to find an alternative for my usual jack and diet coke. i am a massive fan of a cocktail called, the old fashioned. it's pretty strong, and something you'd usually think of as a mans drink of choice, so i have found several ways of making them a tiny bit more girly.

here's the basic recipe -

2 shots whiskey.
a few drops of angostura bitters.
a splash of sour mix (lemon juice, water, sugar)
a dash of soda water (or lemomade if you have a sweet tooth)
1 slice of orange or orange peel.
1 lemon rind twist.
1 maraschino cherry.
ice cubes.

mix the whiskey, bitters, sour mix and orange in a glass.
pour over ice, add the soda, cherry and lemon rind (i tend to opt for a chunky slice of orange instead).
i serve mine up in a jam jar or a short tumbler.

if you want to make this drink more girl friendly, here are some ideas of things i have added, a dash of lavender, elderflower or vanilla syrup, an edible flower instead of the orange/lemon.

what are your favourite cocktails? let me know any amazing recipes you have!

sincerely, alexa

sweet sweet music

this song will forever remain one of my favourites. i recently purchased their vinyl and it's just beautiful. i am in love with this sweet video too.

sincerely, alexa 

Saturday, 19 January 2013

bits and pieces

one. fifties hair
 two. a gift from my brother
 three. best friend photobooth photos 
 four. birthday cake from my best one
five. dang, i miss this gal, she's away traveling the globe.
six. leah goren cat print dress.
seven. birthday night and dancing in nicolas flat.
eight. the most beautiful bottle of rum i ever saw.
nine. festive fireplace.
ten. this book is pretty much my bible.
eleven. liberty of london dr martens, utter bargain with my works discount.
twelve. old fashioned, probably my favourite cocktail.
thirteen. driving to the farm shop in the snow earlier today.
fourteen. cath kidston christmas plates and yorkshire pudding starter.
fifteen. cold december walk.
sixteen. the most ginger i have ever made my hair, i am in love.

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sincerely, alexa 

january wishlist

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11

twenty four before twenty five

1. Cook more and eat more healthily.
2. Lose one stone - at least.
3. One good deed a day -365 total.
4. Read more books.
5. Blog and write more.
6. Baking Sundays. 
7. Be more active in day to day life, walk, cycle, run.
8. Screen printing classes.
9. Collect beautiful vintage pieces and start  up wishbone vintage.
10. Go to Ireland with Semps.
11. Save up dollar and pay off debts.
12 . Find a career that I love.
13. No gossiping, life's too short.
14. Send more letters and packages.
15. Be more positive and keep calm.
16. Be a better daughter/sister/friend.
17. Take more photos with my dreamer.
18. Get 5 people to teach me a new skill.
19. Be braver and meet more people.
20. Keep a journal even if its just pictures.
21. Set aside time to meditate and remember how blessed I am.
22. Declutter and surround myself with inspiring and beautiful things, be creative.
23. Tattoo number three.
24. Give up diet soda. 

new years resolution number five

having spent 2012 being an on/off blogger (and quite honestly 99% off the time it was more off) i have decided to make a fresh start, farewell five am picnics, hello wishbone vintage. i have written my list of goals for 2013 which i will post for you to see soon.

sincerely, alexa