Saturday, 19 January 2013

twenty four before twenty five

1. Cook more and eat more healthily.
2. Lose one stone - at least.
3. One good deed a day -365 total.
4. Read more books.
5. Blog and write more.
6. Baking Sundays. 
7. Be more active in day to day life, walk, cycle, run.
8. Screen printing classes.
9. Collect beautiful vintage pieces and start  up wishbone vintage.
10. Go to Ireland with Semps.
11. Save up dollar and pay off debts.
12 . Find a career that I love.
13. No gossiping, life's too short.
14. Send more letters and packages.
15. Be more positive and keep calm.
16. Be a better daughter/sister/friend.
17. Take more photos with my dreamer.
18. Get 5 people to teach me a new skill.
19. Be braver and meet more people.
20. Keep a journal even if its just pictures.
21. Set aside time to meditate and remember how blessed I am.
22. Declutter and surround myself with inspiring and beautiful things, be creative.
23. Tattoo number three.
24. Give up diet soda. 

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