Tuesday, 26 February 2013

sundays cake

as part of my twenty four before twenty five list, you may remember that one thing i wanted to do was cake sundays. well let me tell you, i have been busy baking away nearly every sunday evening now. this sundays cake was a little special, a farewell cake for one of my managers who is starting a new job down in london (good luck harriet). she requested a cake i'd never attempted before, a black forest gateaux. i browsed the internet for two evenings trying to find the perfect recipe, until i finally stumbled upon this absolute peach of a recipe, it was perfect. surprisingly the cake used no butter and plain flour not self raising - new to me, but it worked! i have given up refined sugars for lent, so unfortunately i was unable to sample it for myself, but i received some lovely feedback from my work kiddos who demolished the whole thing in a day. i promise, promise, promise that the recipe is so easy, a lot easier than it may seem at first, and decorating cakes with fruit always makes a cake look a million times tastier.

sincerely alexa

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